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About us

Dr Bob DaleWhat made us start this web site is the need to remind people that nature is always there and they can rely on it. People should not run away from her, because she is, after health, most precious thing we have today.

One of the biggest problems with Americans is overweight. If you look around on the street, you will notice that almost every second person is obese or overweight. The reason why they got into such a situation is bad feeding. The streets are awash with fast food kiosks, and the supermarkets have so many processed foods that everyone will choose, because that is an easier way – just to put a can into the microwave oven. These things are full of additives and people are not even aware of what is actually eaten. Internet is flooded with various articles and advertisements promoting these kind of preparations. However, you have to wonder is it normal to melt fat with chemicals? Well, we say it is not.

Mladjan Njagojevic drinks wine in VeniceWhen people notice that they are obese, usually start a diet, but many diets are unhealthy and can worsen the already poor condition of the organism. Also it often happens that people are not patient enough, and switch to preparations for weight loss.

Everything can be done in a natural way: eat moderate quality and tasty food and allow your body to do the rest. The results are inevitable. On that is based on our philosophy. Our team currently consists of: doctor Bob Dale and gastornom and travel writer Mladjan Njagojevic. A combination that has great potential. Dr Bob Dale will try to present the best and healthiest diets and chef Mladjan Njagojevic will pick out the healthiest and easiest recipes for you to make life more beautiful.

We are going to show you the easiest way to lose weight with our weight loss recipes and weight loss tips. If you want to stay healthy, eat a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner and watch your fat dissappear. Watching a movie with family can be more interesting if you have a snack. Prepare healthy snacks by yourselves using our snack recipes. Do not eat junk foods that are high in salt, sugar, fat or calories and low in nutrient content. Limit these foods to a minimum.