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Amazing Scrambled Eggs

Amazing Scrambled EggsThis is a wonderful and healthy recipe which could be even for vegetarians. You can combine whatever you want, including vegetables like onion, paprika, leek etc. Just fry the vegetables a little bit, until they get shiny, remove them from the heat, put the eggs into it, whisk until everything becomes creamy and you are done. Here is our recommendation for the perfect scrambled eggs.

Ingredients (per person):
  • 3 eggs,
  • 1 tablespoon of butter,
  • 1 tablespoon of cream fresh,
  • pinch of salt and pepper.

Our healthy recommendation for full and tasty breakfast is to add (this is optional):

  • 2 large mushrooms,
  • 5 or 6 cherry tomatoes,
  • some chives and toast bred.

That is all you need to make a perfect breakfast for you and your family. And remember, you should eat quality food, so buy quality ingredients, organic if possibble. You can now improvise and arrange all by your taste, of course. For example, instead of these ingredients you can use other things, such as salmon (smoked or fresh), pancetta, quality sausages, feta cheese etc. Just make it how you like it best!

How to cook them?

Very easily. First, in one or two hot pans (depends of how many people you cook for) put some nice olive oil and add mushrooms and tomatoes, and let them cook. After that, crack the eggs in a deep pan, add ibutter, grab a nice spatula, put the pan on heat and start mixing. Don't whisk the eggs before. You want them nice and creamy. You have to get the eggs back on heat a couple of times and never stop whisking. You will probably cook them for two or three minutes.

Put the bread in toaster and be careful not to burn it.

When the eggs are done, add inside nice chopped chives and the cream fresh, mix up a little and your are done. In the meantime, mushrooms and tomatoes are cooked too, and you just can serve a lovely healthy meal. First goes toast, next to it mushrooms and tomatoes. Pour a little bit of olive oil over the toast and add the scrambled eggs. Cooking time – 10 minutes. Enjoy and discover more healthy breakfast ideas on our website!

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