Healthy Meals

Health comes with food!

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Must have ingredients!

Before you start cooking you should get the main ingredients for your kitchen. You probably have most of them, but let's check out together what you have and what you should have. In our opinion, the best food comes from the Mediterranean cuisine, especially from Italy and Greece. Knowing this, let's look at the following list:

1. Extra-virgin olive oil.

This oil is judged to have a superior taste. It is not cheap, so use it just for salad dressings, or for pouring dishes (for final touches) and similar usage only. Don't fry with it. That would be a shame.

2. Virgin, Pure or just Olive oil.

These oils are good enough for quick frying.

3. Balsamic Vinegar.

Amazing for salad dressings, sauces and similar uses, just like extra-virgin olive oil. Tastes incredibile. Buy a quality one.

4. Butter.

Making your plats just wonderful. Gives amazing creamy texture to your souces.

5. Parmesan cheese.

Incredibly strong flavours and aromas come from it. It is going to transform all your dishes. The most powerful cheese ever.

6. Pancetta.

Very, very meaty bacon is the simplest definition of it. With a little bit pancetta you are going to make an incredible meal.

7. Any pasta (spaghetti, pene etc) and Short-grain rice.

These are very practical for quick and easy meals during bussy days.

8. Brown sugar.

It is much, much healthier than regular and, best of all, it tastes just lovely; amazing caramel aroma. It is going to add ano ther twist to all of your dishes.