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Pico de Galo and Guacamole

Pico de Galo and GuacamoleGuacamole is the most famous dish with avocado. There is no need to tell you how healthy avocado is. Everybody knows that, there is no doubt about it . And the best of all, I do not know anyone who doesn't like guacamole. Pico de Galo is very tasty, too. This combination, served with crispy tortilla chips, will blow your mind. So, let’s make some!

Ingredients for guacamole (for two persons):
  • 1 avocado,
  • 1 clove of garlic,
  • Half of lime,
  • pinch of salt,
  • pinch of pepper.
Ingrediants for Pico de Gallo (for two persons):
  • 2 tomatoes,
  • half of onion,
  • half of lime,
  • some parsley,
  • pinch of salt,
  • pinch of pepper,
  • pack of tortillas for crisps.
How to cook them?

First, preheat oven to 180°C, then smash the avocado with a fork, fine-chop the garlic, add it to the avocado and pour lime juice. Stir a little bit and guacamole is ready to go.

Pico de Gallo is easy to prepare, too. Chop the tomatoes in small cubes, also do this with onion, put it all in the bowl, add the chopped parsley and lime juice. Stir and that's it.

When Oven reaches the temperature, chop a tortilla in 12 pieces. Bake all the pieces for about 10 minutes or until they become nice and crispy. Serve Guacamole and Pico de Gallo with tortilla crisps. Cooking time 15 minutes

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