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Healthy Dinner Ideas

Carbonara with Courgettes

Carbonara with CourgettesCarbonara is a very common pasta dish and it is very simple and light and it is perfect for dinner. Traditional recipe does not contain courgettes but we are going to put some inside, because they are almost neutral in taste and extremely healthy... Read more

Simple Corn and Couscous

Simple Corn and Couscous SaladSalad A great summer combination. Perfect for the end of the day. If you are busyyou do not have much time for cooking, so you need nice, quick and, of course, a healthy meal to eat before resting. This is so light, so tasty, so good, so healthy. You can cook it in 5 minutes... Read more

Warm Lamb Salad in Greek Style

Salads are an amazing way to finish the day. They are light, low in calories, and if you add some kind of meat in, you will make a real meal. So, use quality meat because you do not need very much of it. As a result your evening meal will not be expensive... Read more

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