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Healthy Lunch Ideas

Salmon with Spinach and Mushrooms

Salmon with Spinach and MushroomsSalmon is probably the most favourite fish. Everybody likes salmon, especially the roasted one because when it is cooked in that way it stays very juicy and tastes incredibile. When you add some vegetables and make a combination like ours, you are going to love it... Read more

Roasted Chicken with Lemon

Roasted Chicken with LemonThis recipe comes from Italy, a country with probably the most amazing cousine in the world. It is very simple, easy to cook and even cheap. You only need a few ingredients to prepare this dish. Many people think that if you want delicious food, you need a lot... Read more

Beef Welington

Beef WelingtonBeef Welington is probably the best way to cook fillet steak and it so easy to prepare. Great opportunity to serve your family something extraordinary. You don't need to go to the expensive restaurants to have it. The original recipe contains foas grass which is delicious... Read more

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